This is the personal homepage of Timm Schoening. I am working in research and so i listed some of the projects i have been working on. Some of the ideas developed in those projects led to posters or journal articles which are presented on the publications page. You can find some detailed information in my CV.


I am a PostDoc in computer science at the GEOMAR Helmholtz-Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. My work aims to explore the deep-sea with methods of machine-learning and image-processing.

Around the world, marine research institutions are capturing digital images with evolving gear, resulting in various camera and illumination characteristics. The first target thus is to develop algorithms that make the variety of available images comparable.

The more challenging part is the following training of both supervised and unsupervised machine-learning algorithms to either detect objects like deep sea flora and fauna or quantify the amount of ressources on the seafloor.


I am currently 32 years old and live in Kiel, Germany. I studied in Bielefeld and have a Bachelor, Master and PhD in "Computer Science in the Natural Sciences".

In my spare time, i like do sports, especially Badminton which i do competitively with the TSV Kronshagen.
On vacation, i like to be in remote outdoor, visiting big cities for art exhibitions or to be active by diving, sailing or mostly hiking.

I am listening to music most of the time, usually rock and electronic music and have a drive to buy books i would like to read, often without the time to actually do it.